Drumaster's Interview


Hooka: When did you get your gp32?


Drumaster: On December 23 2003 but I knew it a long time before that but I had a GBA and not money enough to afford a GP32. ;) So I waited for Christmas (he he) and my girlfriend (I love her!) bought it as my present. ;)


Hooka: Yeah, you'd better love her if she bought you a gp32! Lucky B^5+^*)!!!


Hooka: What grabbed your attention about the gp32?


Drumaster: First it’s powerful specifications of course and I have to admit GP Doom, the Emu’s and its Divx capabilities...


Hooka: Wow, you've been busy lately! What convinced you to start work on a Heretic Total Conversion?


Drumaster: Yes very busy. I'm on unemployment so I spend my time making PWADS for the moment. I really like Heretic and I thought the port on GP32 wasn't very complete (can't even change weapons...) So I decided to make a Heretic PWAD to make become true my child dream: play Heretic on a handheld. ;)


Hooka: What did you have to do to get the other levels to work?


Drumaster: Which levels? Ah ok, in fact I realize that removing entries, even useless, in PWADS makes crashing levels so only 2 levels of 29 worked! But I fixed that adding blank entry (for a low filesize) and every 29 levels work great now. ;)


Hooka: Is it hard to work on making the WAD's work on gp32 without having a gp32 to test on?


Drumaster: Sometimes yes. For example GP Doom and PC Doom have not the texts ("New Game"...) and the weapons at the same place... But I put the same position than my other PWADS to be sure it's good. ;) It also appears sometimes that PWADS crash on GP but not on PC but it's rare fortunately. ;)


Hooka: Have people been helpful in testing your WAD's and reporting problems?


Drumaster: Since I have not my GP32 any longer yes of course! But when I had my GP32, I played a lot so I was myself the beta tester. But for Heretic, Rems gave me a helpful hand to beta test. Thanx to him. ;)


Hooka: Was it hard to debug some of Falken80's WAD's?


Drumaster: I only debugged the 4th level of his Half-Life that's all. ;) All the other debugging (Hacx as the best example) was not one of Falken WADS, but a WAD found on the net. I don't like releasing or seeing things released when it's buggy so I helped Falk. ;)


Hooka: How was working with him on Duke Nukem? And what did you do on that WAD?


Drumaster: This collaboration was nice. Our work was complementary. I did a lot of things on it (Falk too of course), collecting a lot of gfx (I directly ripped gfx from the original Duke), textures, sounds... too long to explain in details. ;) I also modified somehow the map, the status bar a lot with Falken.


Hooka: Do you have any upcoming Doom WAD plans?


Drumaster: Yes of course, I'm a Doom fan, don't forget it. ;) So I'll not give up my work. ;) I think I'll release my new PWAD very very soon. ;) The only thing I can tell you is that you will enjoy it. ;)


Hooka: Did you have to play through the whole BOR a couple times to get the setting.sav for everything unlocked or did you just hack it?


Drumaster: I never could play BOR because I resold my FLU before the beginning of April... to afford me a BLU when it will be released. No the .sav is just from the official site, that's all. :)


Hooka: What made you decide to host all the BOR gp32 versions and the BOR.PAK?


Drumaster: I host them because I really think BOR looks like very great and is similar to GP Doom in his system of MOD.


Hooka: You mention that coming soon are your BOR Mod's, are you making a new BOR mod or are you working on making existing ones work on BOR for gp32? If you’re making your own could you give us a couple hints as to what it's going to be like?


Drumaster: Making BOR MODS without testing them on GP32 is more difficult than PWADS (because of the shadow and crashing problems...), so I wait to have my BLU.


Hooka: Have you worked on any other gp32 projects? (If I'm not mistaken you also did some GFX for GP War by Aquafish, which ones I don't know, though)


Drumaster: No I never worked with the great Aquafish (MaDsk8tard did) I really appreciate but why not in the future. ;) It's true that I prefer working on PWADS that’s what I prefer. ;)


Hooka: Ok, sorry about that apparently I was mistaken! ;) I should have read the credit’s again!


Hooka: Over 02000 visits since Apr 26 2004 on you site, that's alot! Did you expect that many hits?


Drumaster: Not really but I know people like my work and I'm happy about that. ;)


Hooka: Were you surprised by the amount of Zodiac people also interested in your work?


Drumaster: Once I talked to a Zodiac owner about my PWADS and after that I have 500+ visits in one night! Apparently there are a lot of Zodiac owners and I'm happy to help them too. :)


Hooka: What happened to your gp32 that you don't have one until you get your BLU?


Drumaster: I resold it because I have not money enough to get a BLU. So I thought it would be very difficult to sell a FLU if the BLU is released. So I resold my FLU 2 months ago and it's really difficult to be without any GP32 all this time! ;)


Hooka: What would you like to see for the future of the gp32?


Drumaster: Hmmm... The real Quake, the real Duke, Half-Life and Doom III of course (laugh)! :)


Hooka: Is it pronounced Drum-Master or Dru-Master? I've personally been going with the second one when telling my friend that I had to do an interview with you.

Drumaster: No it's the first! :D A few reasons about that : I'm a drummer and Drumaster is the combination between Drum and Master, so I remove a "M" to be nicer but you still have to pronounce it, otherwise I'll become angry (laugh)! :D


*Interview finished 04/06/04*


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