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Once again I have redesigned my website, this time it shouldn't be too hard on all of your eyes, unlike the one that looked like the waste left in your front yard after your dog just ate a whole box of crayons... Heh, anyways here you will find some interviews and projects for the GP32 and GP2X handheld system, hopefully you'll find nothing too offensive here but if you do I totally blame that invisible french guy standing over there ------------------->


What to expect:


Just incase you have no clue why you're here I'll let you in on a little secret, there are more handhelds than just the PSP, NDS and GBA infact some krazy korean companies have actually released a few handhelds that will leave you with different expectations from a handheld and have in some ways made leaps and bounds over what can't even be considered their competition seeing as it's a whole different audience they are catering to! Imagine being able to get out your old favorite games for PC and play them on the go or watching full DVD quality movies anywhere you want or ... or.... Well that's what it's all about with the GP32 and GP2X! Here you will find the interviews I have done with some of the homebrew and commercial developers for these systems along with some of my own projects or other peoples projects that I have picked up and continued to work on! I hope you enjoy your time here and hope you find atleast something of interest to you!


If you've experienced one of my websites before and are wondering how a thrifty guy like me managed to finally make a semi-decent one... I cheated! That's right I used Namu6, I found it in about 30 seconds when I was looking for something cheap and quick and we all know free is cheaper than cheap! Anyways I'm glad I will no longer be abusing anyones vision (unless you read rattboi's interview hehe) too much.

Even the linux penguin reads my interviews!

Thankfully I photoshopped out the fact that he does it on the can ;)



Bon Di!

Did you know that some people in Switzerland still speak Romansh, heck I didn't even know Romansh was a language until about a month ago!


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Nagi titski!!!

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