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Hooka: When did you get your GP32?


Diab0l: Around Spring '04, I can't find the mails from lik-sang :/


Hooka: What convinced you to get one?


Diab0l: I first saw something about it on a page about emulators, aep (www.aep-emu.de) "Most Powerful Handheld of the World", the 133Mhz impressed me. Originally I planned to get a Neo Geo Pocket Color, but then got the idea that the GP32 for sure could emulate the NGPC, so I decided to get a GP32 instead ^^ also those Ad's about internet-play, rf-link, etc. got me... in other words, GamePark's so bad advertisement worked on me :P


Hooka: Why did you decide to make Diabolic pong as a first project for GP32?


Diab0l: Pong is a very simple, yet cool game ^^, also I was looking for a pong-game for linux at that time, but couldn't find anything decent... another reason to make this as a start-project ^^


Hooka: Do you plan to still work on it?


Diab0l: It was a test-program after all, so I think I'll continue it if I need a test-program again ^^ (maybe to test a serial mouse and finally get sound in :)


Hooka: Is the source release planned for after you update it or as soon as you just clean up the code a bit?


Diab0l: There's not much request, so the clean-up is on the list of "things to do when bored and nothing better to do" ^^


Hooka: What does Musqué; mean? or is it just my browser makes the name all funny?


Diab0l: Looking into my french-german dictionary, I once stumbled upon the word "Musqué", Muskrat in english ^^ At that moment I found out that there is at least one decent french word (now my all-time fav.), Musqué (spoken something like Myskee) The game just had to have this decent name ^^


Hooka: You intend to turn Musqué fighter into a DoA2 style fighting game for GP32, how is progress going on it?


Diab0l: Slowly, the engine needs much time to develop, but i dont have this time :/


Hooka: How do you plan to sell it commercially and are you going to make your own encryption for it? Will it be dependant on the PDUID?


Diab0l: I didn't think on how to sell it yet. Maybe Payment via Paypal and sending it via mail, support via irc and email... I first thought of distributing it on a trusted base, but having thought it over, encryption will be neccessary :\


Hooka: The GP32 Codec Multi Media Player seems to be quite a cool idea, do you plan on making it able to use any normal codec or will you be porting a whole bunch of codecs to GP32?


Diab0l: Normal codecs are mostly just libraries, which means they're written for x86, sun, blah. There are no codecs for the arm9 yet afaik, so i'll have to port them (i hope that some devs will help with them ^^)


Hooka: For the Dynamic lib-loading is that so it can just load up the required codec's lib so there is less program data in the memory and more room for the media being played?


Diab0l: Yup, this will also make it possible to have all kinds of plugins, different interfaces, visualizations (for those audio-files that dont consume too much speed :\) and other crap


Hooka: What prompted another File Manager?


Diab0l: The zombie-cat on my left shoulder told me. I really like Comi and GPFM, but both aren't finished :\ Also I see this as a challenge and hey, to have a big selection of choices is always good ^^


Hooka: What is the GUI going to look like?


Diab0l: Most probably like Norton Commander/Midnight Commander, those old text-thingies with 2 windows, a function- and a menu-bar, basic dialogues, etc. very sufficient imo


Hooka: Is the planned integrated text-editor going to be useable by both people with a chatboard and people without?


Diab0l: In Mirko's SDK support for a chatboard seems easy to integrate (I didn't use it yet, no chatboard :\) so it will most probably be in there. If I'm not too lazy it will also have an onscreen-keyboard


Hooka: GPBasic seems like a good idea for people who only have basic coding experience to make their own games and applications, what type of Basic is it going to be based on? (Something like visual basic, apple basic or what?)


Diab0l: I'll Google-lookup some Language-Definitions when I'm past PRINT, LET, CLS, etc ^^


Hooka: So even if people ask you nicely to help them out with their website layout you'll say no? then why do they have to ask nicely?


Diab0l: I didn't write that I wouldn't help them out ^^ I just don't like seeing my layout somewhere else as it's kinda a mirror to a part of me.. Also I wouldn't have time to make layouts for other people :S I'd recommend www.selfhtml.org to everyone, it's like _the_ documentation + tutorial for learning and using HTML right


Diab0l: Well, the FAQ is just to keep my email-account clean (1 mail/2 weeks, no spam, no ads, isn't that great? Register your free jmail.co.jp-account today! ;P)


Hooka: Why do you have options for leaving the site and german pages on the frontpage if they don't have links?


Diab0l: I am german, so it isn't really a problem to translate the whole page for me (also on list "things to do when bored and nothing better to do" ^^)


Diab0l: The Leave-Page is just a gag, either i'll leave it as is (no link, as in "you can't leave") or i'll put a page on which uses as many exploits in browsers as i can find :) (thats why the disclaimers, blah ^^)


Hooka: What level are you in Kung-Fu?


Diab0l: Yellow Belt (meaning i passed one Exam) I'll most probably graduate to orange this november ^^


Hooka: Your a night person huh?


Diab0l: Yes, and school screws my sleeping-rythm :P I like the night, it's just so very black :D


Hooka: So Zombie cats only eats dog food or am I mistaken?

Diab0l: Nah, they also eat tires, the logic part of brains, time, money, ideas, flowers, pc-components, screws that you think you lost and some other crap


Hooka: "japanese don't eat dogs or cats"... hmm, no but coyote is fine? (here there was worries that there were dogs found in the freezer of a chinese or japanese restaurant, later it was said that it was coyote... yum wild dog ;P)


Diab0l: I think that this is amazing. Every time I ask someone why they don't like Japan, one of the things they answer is "because they eat dogs and cats, blah" that's as if you say Germans eat Sauerkraut and Schweinshaxen and Americans eat Mc Donalds-food it's said way too generally imo may be that the possibility to find a dog-serving restaurant in jp/china is higher than in europe, but you still can't say there are shops in jp/china that serve dogs & cats and that's why they're bastard-countries nobody says "I don't like the USA, because they eat horses" they all just say that they don't like the horse-eating itself, so why blame the japanese/chinese people?


Hooka: Do you like to contradict yourself? If not why did you write "uber-1337 h4x0r1ng of top-secret NSA-stuff and warez of course" in your likes and "ppl that write in numbers :P" in your dislikes?


Diab0l: Nah, this is just for the sake of my strange understanding of sarcasm ^^ but maybe I didnt make this obvious enough, but the "uber-1337 h4x0r1ng" is meant ironically. I don't like this stuff, because I used to write like that (outta that phase, into the next ;P)


Hooka: So, you enjoy a good argument every couple days? What's the point of arguing though?


Diab0l: I like to see what other people think about the same topic, also it's kinda "hah, I found out something cool, don't you think", usually there comes "no, you forgot blah, etc." ;P and of course the Zombie-cat makes me argue on things ^^


Hooka: Your a fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion huh, what's your favorite episode?


Diab0l: Those with Misato ^^ Well, I just can't decide ;P


Hooka: So almost every episode ;P


Hooka: How is the modem + ps/2-keyboard adapter coming along?


Diab0l: I think I mixed two pins on the connector, now know for sure that i need an external power-source and have no idea yet how to send and receive data over uart :D I'll have a look at mirko's chatboard-functions, some dos tutorials for basic keyboard-drivers and then write a lib for it


Hooka: Why did you choose the nick Diab0lic?


Diab0l: This emerged from the game diablo(1&2) ages ago, first it was diablo, then diablod, then the_Diabolic, the_diabologic(, some other crap) and now it's just diabol. I like this devilish crap, it has some dark feeling (no, I'm not a satanist ^^)


Hooka: Cool, my friend got a tattoo of those three skulls from the Diablo 2 expansion pack on his back.


Hooka: What do you see for the future of the GP32?


Diab0l: Some h/w-updates (they really announced gp64?) A jungle of great software ^^, even more devs, fw's without end, a cup of tea


Hooka: What do you want to see for the future of the GP32?


Diab0l: The GP64. Some way to get more than 128MB storage (Pendrive, USB-sticks, HDD?). Support For Common PC-Hardware (PS/2-Keyboards, Modems, PCI-Cards ;)


Hooka: So... you have a chocolate-sauce fetish, no question just wanted to point that out ;P


Diab0l: Yes, luckily my gf neither has a GP32 nor is good at english ;P (I suggest not to visit my page for all cute japanese girls ;P)


Diab0l: <Addition: One question directed at you, hooka ^^>


Diab0l: 1. Would you like your girlfriend or a cute japanese girl in chocolate sauce?


Hooka: I'm too ugly and stupid to find a girlfriend ;P... but if I did have one I'd like my girlfriend like I like my pancakes... thin, toasted (In the stoned way, don't want a BBQ'd chick, she'd be too dry... friction burn and all...) and covered in whipped cream and peaches


Thanks for doing the interview Diab0l! I can't wait to see how your fighting game and all your other projects progress :)


*Note: top banner infringes Diablo copyrights, but I apologise to Blizzard and hope they can forgive me! (I also think they should make a blackthorne port to GP32!)


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