Falken80's Interview


Falken80 has a webpage on gp32news.com, his page is here and also has a page at gp32france.com.


Hooka: When did you get your gp32?


Falken80: 4 April 2003 :) It's a friend, Wilstuff, who speaks me about GP32.


Hooka: What convinced you to get one?


Falken80: He shows me wind-ups, and possibly of this beast. No games or support on this machine? it was very interesting. I love challenge.


Hooka: Your website www.gp32france.com looks very reminiscent of the actual Korean gp32 website, did you actually redo all the graphics yourself or did gamepark help?


Falken80: It's not original graphics it's clear. I found it fun to make a french version of the kr site. It's not official OK but I thought that an official french site would never be created. Just for fun and to promote GP32 in France and francophone countries. Gp32news is a good site too but it's not the same objective (goal?). GP32France is a site for newbie and to start speed. I translated the gpmanager and notice. (In hexadecimal translation for some things) and the kr gp32zone to french too. It's not hard but it's very longtime. Wilstuff was translating the flash Animation’s.


Falken80: I have also imagined a more easy way to get freelauncher with Java applet and a generating link because gamepark site was often down.


Falken80: And i prefer the hostess girl of my site (top right) she's sexier than the kr girl on the gamepark site isn't it?


Hooka: What happened to your mirror of empee.dawg.net?


Falken80: This site was cool but me but there was not perfect. BBD and php problems.. Some friends will make a new more compatible version with my server. It's a project.


Hooka: Do you feel the Tomak Competition was a success and do you plan on holding another competition?


Falken80: Yeah it was a success. A little success but a success. I was very sad to see that some guy doesn't want to present her games to this competition. To make a choice? It was a really gp32 games competition only for games. Gbax was cool too. It's a good competition but i think the ultimate competition is the ADIC.


Falken80: Another competition? Why not :). Yeah i have a new competition project.. Soon. With partners.


Hooka: Which Doom wad's did you modify to work on gp32 and which ones did you actually make yourself?


Falken80: I have not made any wads. It was just adaptation. Western was an exception because it's a compilation of 2 wads. But I add ever cool stuff like music, sound effect, new start title, new demos, new gfx in my adaptation wads.


Falken80: Western is my favorite. I love Westerns!! :)


Falken80: Final Fantasy doom is cool too. My first adaptation.


Falken80: I'm active on the gp32 scene since October 2003.


Hooka: What kind of work did you have to do on the WAD's to get them to work on gp32? I'd figure it had to have something to do with memory restraints, but I maybe wrong.


Falken80: A wad is just a pack like hl pack or quake pack. In this pack there is only GFX, Music’s, Sounds and Levels. No code or scripts. Then we can not to act to the memory restraints. Maybe just optimize gfx, sounds, and levels.


Hooka: What's the difference between IWAD's and PWAD's?


Falken80: Iwad is a wad that works lonely. A pwad need doom2 or doom. It's just the header of the pack file that changes. But it's the same thing. It's just the export that is different. (In doombuider we have the choice)


Hooka: Do you think that the gp32 will get a close to full speed port of Quake? And was it because you wanted Quake on gp32 that you fixed Quake new generation for GP?


Falken80: I love Quake. And I can not to stay a real Quake version. The patience is not in my qualities. But I’m waiting a real quake adaptation. QuakeGP is cool I think but it's not the real. It's different.

I hope quake will run on the full speed a day. But i don't know if it's actually possible. We can do miracle with gp32... like BOR :)


Hooka: On your banner for the gp32wad factory (I want pizza now too!!!!!!!) there's an arrow pointing to a piece of pepperoni saying "it's me", my question is are you really a piece of pepperoni?


Falken80: Yes I am!!! I live with my pepperoni friends in an unused Swiss pizzeria.


Hooka: Do you have any plans for any new Doom WAD's?


Falken80: Yeah!! I have begun to adapt Batman. Maybe Drumaster will continue this work if he wants.

Falken80: I'm working on a new version of Twilight Warrior.


Hooka: Could you list which WAD's have problems after certain levels or if they just end at lower levels?


Falken80: Hum I have no problem list. I just know twilight have a problem in the forest (no prob. in my new version). And a prob. in the level 4. Maybe others. I'm testing.


Hooka: I noticed your name in the credit's for gp32 war by aquafish, what graphics did you do? (I did some too ;))


Falken80: Interface GFX (start title, campaign menu, fonts, and some ideas like pink arrows rather than only numbers..). And roads gfx ;)


Hooka: Could you list all the BOR mod's you modified to work on gp32?


Falken80: Hum it's very special. Some mod’s work on a specific version of Bor. Actually i don't know i have no tested.


Falken80: Turtles, Zelda and Castlevania worked at a certain time.


Hooka: Do you know why Symphony of Destruction (original from DC) with music doesn't work with BOR for gp32?


Falken80: No I don't know. I have not tested this BOR with music sorry :(


Falken80: Maybe a memory problem ?


Hooka: Do you have any plans to modify and other BOR mod's?


Falken80: Not for the moment


Hooka: Have you thought of making your own original BOR mod?


Falken80: Not for the moment :)


Hooka: Slubman's firmware also features your graphics, did you just do the background or the menu's and everything?


Falken80: All Slubman’s Firmware GFX and sounds. It's a very cool project!


Hooka: What other projects have you worked on that I may not have noticed/ heard about?


Falken80: I have worked on the french Paradise Height Version.



Falken80: Hum, yeah. GFX, title start, font, menu and others for KOF91 (last version), GpFinal War (last version units gfx and map gfx by MaDsk8tard), Alien Eraser ( spaceship gfx by MaDsk8tard) , Arachno ( all nice gfx by MaDsk8tard), Crocodingus (all gfx by MaDsk8tard) and others new projects....


Hooka: So are you only a graphics person or do you code also?


Falken80: I code a little. I'm working on my own game project: Alnyommis.


Hooka: Can you teach me how to write "I like to go clubbing with baby seals, they know where the best clubs are!" in French? It's bad enough the looks I get in English but I want to be able to write it in French ;)


Falken80: Hum I think it's "Vient sur mes genoux ma puce, on va jouer au papa et a la maman" ;)


Hooka: Ha Ha, nice try! But I figured hmm, when did a Dad become a part of this??? Like I said I know enough French to get by, I even read gp32news in french because I’m too lazy to change it every time, only when I’m really confused ;) And according to babelfish what I wanted to know should be something like “J'aime aller matraquer avec des bébés phoques, ils sais où les meilleurs clubs sont” But then again, yours seems pretty disturbing too! ;)


Hooka: What did you think of working together with Drumaster on Halflife? (I think I read that somewhere)


Falken80: My HL project was a good experience. Thanks to SoniKt for the original wad. Drumaster has debugged the last level. I did not ask anything it is of his own initiative.


Hooka: Drumaster has also done some new WAD conversions, ect. How does it feel to have friendly competition?


Falken80: He has debugged many of my wad adaptation. Drumaster has adapted Heretic, debugged Hacx and the Simpsons. I hope he will continue. Heretic is cool. And i love Hacx.


Falken80: I have worked on the dukenukem wad with Drumaster. I have ripped all gfx monsters, find music and the best first level on the net. Gfx title start and others are mine too. It was cool to work to this demo.


Falken80: Competition. No competition. Just for fun :)


Hooka: What do you see for the future of the gp32 scene? Anything your excited about/dreading?


Falken80: I hope it will continue like it is. I'm not deciding to buy another handheld. I have many projects for the gp32. And it's only the beginning :) I'm always excited about ext. port and the usb port of the gp32. A big usb Internet world game with the usb port? It's the future of the gp32: add and plugs! :)


*Quick note, I'm sorry my GFX are not upto par with your's Falken80, but I try!


*Interview finished 02/06/04*


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