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Hooka : When did you get your gp32?


MaDsk8tard: I got my GP32 at the end of the last summer (I got the FLU version, I was very happy). I discovered it 4 years ago via a pocket French magazine (pocket magazine) and in the past the handheld was expensive and not flu so I didn’t buy it...


Hooka : What was your main attraction to the gp32?


MaDsk8tard: My main attraction of the GP32 was ALL you can do with it! Emu’s (snes, gb, pc engine (because I never play it), DOOM (I was happy to play doom on my gp because is one of my favourite game!), DIVX (I bought gpcinema for it), MP3 and many great freeware! This handheld has alot of potential and for me is the best handheld of all time with a gp32 you can easily make a good demo/game!


Hooka : Do you do any coding on gp32 or just GFX?


MaDsk8tard: I code and I create gfx: gfx because I love draw with my mouse :) and coding (I’m starting) because it was a little dream for me to create games


Hooka : If you do code what dev environment do you use?


MaDsk8tard: I'm using ARM sdt with GDL libs and the official SDK


Hooka : Is booboo the frog your first coding project? or is someone else coding it?


MaDsk8tard: Booboo the frog is one of my last projects that you will be seeing in the future.


Hooka : How did getting 4th in the ADIC 2003 contest for lolfighters feel?


MaDsk8tard: I was very happy to be ranked 4th on adic2003 compo because it was my first game and my first collaboration with braindead2 to create it.


Hooka : Lolfighters is one of the more complete fighting games for gp32 (with exception of KOF91, of course!) what has changed since the ADIC entry?


MaDsk8tard: Since the adic2003, lolfighters got a new and better engine: actually there are animated backgrounds, new backgrounds, new playability, better collisions and more... but the game is not finished yet (I’m waiting news for news from braindead).


Hooka : How was making GFX for Aquafish's GP32War? Which ones did you do?


MaDsk8tard: Gfx for Aquafish's GP32War was made with my computer and my mouse (all gfx that I created, are drawn with my mouse) I made original gfx for this great game and falken80 made gfx too (a piece of roads and river) I making gfx in one afternoon.


Hooka: Yeah, I did pixel art for GP32War too, same method (mouse) but luckily mine were mostly hidden on further in levels ;) My GFX were bad though(look at the Helicopter in Easy).


Hooka : So you basically did all the GFX for Alien Eraser except for the Title and Game Over screen, how do you feel the end result of your work was?


MaDsk8tard: Alien Eraser is a good start demo and I was very happy to make gfx for it.


Hooka : Synkro's vertical shooter is an interesting Idea using the old tall arcade monitor idea with just a 90 degree angled gp32, how did you become involved in making the explosion effect for this game?


MaDsk8tard:  It was a fluke because I met Synkro (the coder) on the channel #gp32dev and he was seeking a gfxor to make explosions and I offered to help him.


Hooka : Arachno is the newest released project that I've heard about you working on, did you do all the GFX in this one to?


MaDsk8tard: For Arachno I made all the gfx except the wide (Anata make it) in the game and the title start (title screen made by Falken80). The game is an idea of Anata (in fact the game was amidar32 but with Anata we would to change gfx for an original conversion).


Hooka : Have all your experiences working with the coders to do the projects been good?


MaDsk8tard: Yes, of course, it was a very good experience for me and it will be always a good experience because now I can code little games.


Hooka : So how often do you skate? and how good are you? (rate yourself on this easy to follow guide below ;P)

(Note, I’m definitely an not as good an artist as you ;P)


MaDsk8tard: I have been skateboarding for 3 years in my little city with a little skatepark, I think that I am:

Hooka : How is work on Crocodingus going?


MaDsk8tard: The project is on stand by because we have some problems with GDL for tiles of the map and we waiting GDL2 of rov.


Hooka : Could you explain a little more about booboo the frog, it seems to me that you're going to make a compilation game with lots of mini games, either that or I misinterpreted "booboo the frog (my future compil game for this great handled^^)" in your signature?


MaDsk8tard: Booboo the frog is one of my next games: it's a compilation game and I will make all for it (coding and gfx) but I will say nothing about it because it's a secret you will see it this summer!


Hooka : Do you listen to punk music? If so what's your favorite band? (feel free to name a few if you want ;P)


MaDsk8tard: I listen to many types of music: metal, punk, electro... (Therion, Prodigy, Radiohead, Dj shadow, Aphex twin, Necro, Amon tobin, Rammstein...)


Hooka : Have you worked on any other projects I may have missed?


MaDsk8tard: No mister.


Hooka : Do you have any more future projects planned out?


MaDsk8tard: Yes, of course I have a lot of project (maybe a game with ThunderZ, Anata, Avseth, falken80, alone and others)


Hooka : Would you be willing to help out other coder's who need GFX?


MaDsk8tard: Yes if I can find time for that.


Hooka : What do you want to see for the future of the gp32?


MaDsk8tard: I want to see a genesis emu with fullspeed and sound, a good shoot game, a pretty RPG, comics games and good games with yeti3D engine because with a GP32 we can do very good things!!!


Hooka : What is your favorite gp32 game/emu/app?


MaDsk8tard: My favourite gp32 game/emu/app, euh... I think is genesis emu, doom, pc engine emu... I have a lot of thing that I love and it's hard to chose one!


I'd like to say thank you MaDsk8tard can't wait to see lolfighters updated and your other new projects.


*Interview finished 08/06/04*


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