FX-Man's Interview


FX-Man's websites can be found here: (GP32News)

And here: (start-again)


Hooka: When did you get your gp32?


FX-Man: I received it in April 2002, I bought it from Gamepark


Hooka: What was your main motive for getting one?


FX-Man: Well, doing a GP32 website without any GP32 sounded strange to me

Hooka: Why did you decide to make www.gp32news.com?


FX-Man: I didn’t have a lot of work to do at my job. So I created a multi console website (not the big ones, the others: Tuxbox, Nuon, Media terminal, P/ECE,…) and one day, I discovered Gamepark’s website. So I decided to create a GP32 site. It was the 19th of June 2001 (so, tomorrow, GP32news.com will be 3 years old!)


Hooka: What other websites do you have/ are you a part of?


FX-Man: I’ve created last month www.start-again.net. The world first unofficial Gizmondo website. (GP32news was the first non-Korean website)


Hooka: Do you code at all? (If so what dev environment, what programs, ect.)


FX-Man: Not at all! Maybe I’ll learn one day, who knows…


Hooka: Yeah, I’m the same for right now ;P


Hooka: Do you know what’s happened to Team K2Yaa? Their site has been down for quite awhile!


FX-Man: It’s seems that they decided to stop working with Gamepark. I heard they were waiting to see the first results from the European launch before deciding to come back or not. They were some of the best GP32 developers (they created Oneshot Voca, GP Manager, the European bios, mp3, pict,… viewers,… About their site, they only forgot to renew their web address and now, they lost it.


Hooka: How come you haven’t put a link to K2Yaa as your partner yet? (I remember when it was announced as news that you teamed up, but as stated above there’s really no point to link to a non-existent website but I asked anyway ;P)


FX-Man: I did put a link for them! And I removed it nearly one month after their site disappeared.


Hooka: Sorry, I must have missed it!


Hooka: Are you willing to host just about any legitimate gp32 project?


FX-Man: Of course. I will host anybody who asks for it, as long as its GP32 related. I only do not accept commercial ROM’s or anything related to Nintendo (don’t want to have problems with them ^^)


Hooka: Who in total can post news at www.gp32news.com, I’ve noticed that Sanosuke, ToYoT and yourself, are there any others? (I think I once saw a post by ThunderZ also, maybe wrong though)


FX-Man: This often changes. Here is the actual official list: Kikuta, Sanosuke, Icebraf, ThunderZ, rov, Karter, Lopyod and me ^^


Hooka: I noticed you mention a long time ago (and put up a picture) that you had a GP32<->VGA adapter, did you make it yourself?

(More pics here)


FX-Man: I’ve got one, Gamepark gave it to me at the ECTS 2002. I’m now using it for exhibitions. (Japan-Expo 2003, Salon du Multimédia 2003,…)


Hooka: Did you have to actually open up the gp32 and steal the LCD signal and use some form of signal interpreter?


FX-Man: Well, I’m not a technician


Hooka: Would you be willing to make a schematic for the GP32<->VGA adapter if there was enough demand?


FX-Man: The problem is that you need a specific card that nobody knows. Gamepark promised me last year to give me all information on how to do it. I’m still waiting.


Hooka: Was the prototype gp32 actually able to go on the Internet?

FX-Man: Not the one I have


Hooka: Do you ever plan to actually make a full review of the prototype gp32?


FX-Man: I promised it many times and I never did it. I know, it’s a shame. I’ll have to think seriously about it ^^


Hooka: How did you manage to get the prototype gp32 and the transparent green cased (typical type) gp32’s?


FX-Man: For the earlier prototype, it’s a secret ;-). For the green cased, I have two of them (with different green). The first one was created for contests. Gamepark gave one to me to thanks me for organizing the ADIC. I received the second one from Mitsui (it was the first model with the European bios)

Hooka: Did you ever get to use any of the earlier prototypes?


FX-Man: Just the one I have and I’m happy to say: “thanks God, the actual GP32 is far better!”


Hooka: Did they ever finish any games for it?


FX-Man: I think they started many games for it and then restarted them for the actual GP32.


Hooka: I noticed you say at one point in time that Radium for the gp32 wasn’t all that good anyways so don’t worry about it not being released (delete this if it was someone else ;P)


FX-Man: I tried the GP32 version and it’s slow, with bad animation and very hard to play. Buying it is loosing money ^^. But, you must know that Karma Studio (the developer of Radium) doesn’t have any GP32! So, they never tested it on real hardware.


Hooka: Which do you think was better the original gp32 logo (squared off Dreamcast swirl), the G-eye or the Mitsui pirate logo? (I personally like the pirate one)


FX-Man: The Dreamcast-like is Gamepark’s official logo. The G-eye is the GP32 logo. I prefer the G-eye ^^


Hooka: Back in Sep 30 2002, were you taking care of gp32x for Hando or something?


FX-Man: Well, one day, Hando disappeared and nobody knew why. As a month earlier he gave me an access to his administration page, I tried to update sometimes is site, so it wouldn’t die. 2 or 3 months later, he came back and restarted his work.


Hooka: Do you think that Gamepark will ever release their Internet and flash player?


FX-Man: The Internet thing was only created to show the power of the GP32 during exhibitions. They never planned to release it. About the flash player, they said they would create one, but, due to a lack of time and money, they never did it.


Hooka: That’s kinda harsh for the people who bought the gp32 thinking it could!


Hooka: How does it feel to be a part of the ADIC competition? (I’m not really sure what part of the comp. you are just that you are ;) )


FX-Man: Back in 2002, I was co-organizing the ADIC with Yenaphe and some members of my team (chipsette, Nico3, iceman,…) Last year (and this year too), I’m doing all the work alone. The 2004 version will start in 2 ½ months. For the moment, I’m still negotiating with sponsors (I already have two secured ^^)


Hooka: What are the differences between the current Little Wizards and the prototype version?


FX-Man: The prototype version has far less fps, colors and a sound that is soo bad that I prefer to forget it ^^


Hooka: What is your favorite commercial gp32 game?


FX-Man: Pinball Dreams (and Super Plusha ^^). My girlfriend is also a big fan of Pinball Dreams, so, I’m happy to have more than 2 GP32 ^^


Hooka: Yeah, can’t wait to have 2 GP32’s so I can give one to a friend for the same reason ;P


Hooka: What canceled/delayed official accessories do you know about for the gp32?


FX-Man: The only canceled accessory I know of is the FLU system. It was a little device connected to your GP32 via the RF port. I’ve seen it working and it was nice (but big)


Hooka: What is your favorite homebrew/emulator/application for gp32?


FX-Man: Homebrew: Bluegol (very funny), emulator: sms32 (I’m still waiting for a good GBC emulator with real save support) and application: GP Cinema ^^


Hooka: What do you see for the future of the gp32?


FX-Man: Dunno really. Gamepark is dying, Virgin is doing some efforts (but less than Newmedia), and the Gizmondo/DS/PSP will arrive soon. Maybe the GP64 will change everything, who knows…


Thank you FX-Man for taking the time to do this interview, you seem to have quite a few Gamepark related toys that are VERY cool!


*Interview finished 18/06/04*


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