Slubman's Interview


TJ Hooka: When did you get your gp32?


Slubman: I got my gp32 on July 2002, but really began to use it on ADIC 2002 results (January 2003).


TJ Hooka: What made you think to make a firmware?


Slubman: In the beginning, I just wanted to know how to make a firmware, so I made a first multi-firmware in order (with no public release) to have tools I was most use on my GP32 (European bios, pc-link, yafl and comi). But the result was a collection of tools with no interaction between them, I also had to reboot in order to switch between them, so I decide to rewrite all of them, in one program and one GUI.


TJ Hooka: What's your opinion of developing for gp32?


Slubman: I'm using Official SDK and found it very easy.


TJ Hooka: How far have you gotten on the firmware?

Slubman: I've made the multi-firmware during December, and working on the actual one since January 2004.


TJ Hooka: Will the explorer have all the basic functions (Move, delete, copy, rename, etc.)?


Slubman: Yes Explorer will have all of these functions, the explorer is my implementation of comi from my first multi-firmware. The explorer will let you manipulate files/directories on your smc without connect your GP32 to pc, and also have more functionality than pc-link (like files/folders copy)


TJ Hooka: Will pc-link be just darkfaders or will you incorporate it into the firmware with gfx to look good?


Slubman: As I have no idea on making this tool, for instance it will be darkfader's one, but I'm interested in getting/making one with a true incorporation into the firmware.


TJ Hooka: Wow, RF-Link! That's an option you don't see very often and not at all for a bios, will it be just a file transfer program or will it have other options?


Slubman: Yes, it will just be to transfer files from a GP32 to another one. Can't say more for the moment, because I have not yet begin coding this part :(


TJ Hooka: Why put a format option on the GP32 itself, isn't pc-link sufficient or is it for if you want to clear your smc for gp-link transfer?


Slubman: I added that option, because some smc I bought couldn't be formatted using pc-link, but when I format them with my flashed GP I've been able to use them :) And it also creates all directories needed onto the SMC, so no need to connect the GP32 to the PC before use a new SMC.


TJ Hooka: What languages will it be in?


Slubman: At the moment there is English and French, I've already found someone for a German translation. The firmware is ready for any language (but no accentuated characters).


TJ Hooka: When do you expect to release it?


Slubman: There will be a first release as soon as I get the rf-link option finish. This release will be a simple GP32 program, not the firmware one. Then after getting all bugs corrected, and some improvements, I will release the firmware


TJ Hooka: Do you plan on incorporating extra's eventually like maybe a mp3 player or text viewer or picture viewer, etc.?


Slubman: No I don't plan to implement those viewers because I found them more profitable as stand alone applications :)


A big thanks to Nicolas Doualot (a.k.a. slubman) for the interview and for coding for our favorite (well my favorite) handheld!


*Interview finished 20/03/04*


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